How To Get Killer Visuals: 10 Editing Tips For Instagram Video

Did you know video posts on Instagram engage 2 times more comments in comparison to image posts? That’s right!

While it is simple to create Instagram videos, it takes a considerable effort to make them more visually appealing, memorable, and attention-grabbing. Follow these easy editing tips using a video editor for your Instagram videos and create aesthetically pleasing content to publish on your feed.

All the firsts are significant.

Almost everyone aimlessly scrolls through their Instagram feed. However, sometimes, if it grabs our attention, we tend to stop scrolling to look at the post in front of our eyes for a few seconds. It may be a video’s first opening seconds, which serve as the thumbnail for the video post.

Therefore, it is important that you find a perfect thumbnail for your video and equally focus on the opening scenes of your video-based content. You can go with a storytelling concept, a famous quote, or any other approach that you think fits the concept of your video. Whatever you do, just remember that first impression on the internet is mostly your last chance to make any impression at all.

Superior quality

High-quality video material is popular on social media, particularly on Instagram. Be it IG reels, or IGTV videos, or normal video posts, quality is what really matters. This implies that to have a successful video on Instagram, you must provide your audience with top-notch quality and content that they will equally like and want to share with their friends. Keep in mind the following points for maintaining a high-quality in your video:

  • Plan the shoot
  • Proper lighting
  • Select ideal background
  • Right camera placement

At times, the quality degrades during the editing process. That’s why it is recommended to use a professional video editor to make things easy and creative at your end. 

Stable shots

Keep your shots stable and secure. The idea is to be able to tell your audience what the video is all about without taking them on a visual rollercoaster ride. 

If you are using your phone for shooting, you can use the grid function. It splits your picture into nine equal sectors by two horizontal and two vertical lines. You can shoot your video precisely now, placing the camera at the intersection of two of the four locations. These anchor points are where the eye focuses inadvertently when you gaze at a movie or see a picture.

You may even rest your elbows on a level surface or lean your camera on a stable object to prevent wobbly shots without using a stabilizer.

Maintain it short

Keep your Instagram video as brief as possible since people do not want to spend time on any one item for a long time on this site. Instagram also understands that, and that’s why most of the features, except IGTV, has the following video lengths:

  • Instagram stories can only be 60 seconds long;
  • Reels cannot be more than 30 seconds long; and
  • Video postings can’t be longer than 60 seconds.

You must keep this in mind when editing using a professional video editor. Before you decide upon the length of your video-based content, decide the format that will be ideal for such content, whether it will be a reel or just a story or any of the above-mentioned features.

Add subtitles

It is not unusual for individuals to view Instagram videos without turning on the sound due to circumstantial needs or personal preferences. Sometimes we will continue to browse through them on mute until we find a video that grabs our attention.

This is one of the reasons why we should add subtitles to your videos. It enables us to grab people’s attention quickly and conveys our message even without the audio effects. Try to make the subtitles interesting enough to make Instagram users want to turn the sound on and watch the video till the end.

Proper dimensions

A lot of times, your video may seem cropped or stretched in appearance. That is because of the incorrect dimensions of the video with respect to the platform it is being played on. Every platform has standard video dimensions for its different features. Before you post any video, make sure it fits the dimensions of that specific feature. After all, no one wants the followers to be dissatisfied and develop a negative, unprofessional image of you or your brand.

Unique videos

What distinguishes you most of the time makes you great. Hence, prepare some phenomenal ways to stand out from Instagram’s distinct aesthetics in the sea of video content creators.

For example, when using the popular time-lapse videos, if you are an artist, you can share insights into what actually goes into the process of creating such a video. As a business, you can share some office in-sights or packaging hassles in the form of a time-lapse video.

Although shooting a time-lapse video takes longer than the typical time you spend filming a regular video, the outcome of your effort is going to be certainly worth it when it receives an enormous number of views on Instagram. 

Add music

Music improves everything, particularly our lives and any video on Instagram. It may assist you in establishing an atmosphere or conveying an emotion that your consumers need to experience while watching your video.

The volume, the music type, beat dropping, and everything in the music should ensure that it enhances the experience of watching the video rather than making it worse. 

Use tools for video editing

Instagram videos can boost your engagement by leaps and bounds, so you must personalize your videos for your potential audience. Therefore, a professional video editor, like InVideo, offering premium features like video filters, transitions, frames, stickers, video collages, and others for editing makes the process easy. 

Promoting videos

Can you believe that 87% of the users buy a product or service or check the brand after watching an advertisement on Instagram?

If you are simply preserving your videos on your profile, you are losing out on your potential customers. Therefore, promoting your video content on Instagram not only works as a reminder for your existing followers but also helps to bring in new ones. 

Instagram offers a huge customer base to target and to stand out as well. How you pitch and handle them is your game. Now that you know how to get killer visuals for your Instagram videos, make sure your videos are well-optimised and generate enormous views.